Introduction: Plastic Hose Snake Prop

Great addition to any decorations or costume prop or for pranks and tricks. Great for snake lovers or prankers for snake haters.


- Old plastic hose

- Red Plastic Sheet

- Toy rubber tire

Step 1: Cut Size

Take your old hose and find a pair or scissors, wire cutters, or a knife and cut the size of the snake that you want.

Step 2: Cut Shapes

First on one side of the hose cut a triangle into each side. Then on the other side cut a slit about 3-4 inches down the side and then cut each side of the slit into triangles to make the tail shape.

Step 3: Glue Tail

Using hot glue gun glue one triangle of the tail to the other.

Step 4: Cut Pieces

Cut tongue shape from the plastic sheet and cut off little chunks of the tire as well as a quater of the tire.

Step 5: Snake Tongue

Take the tongue piece and set inside the quarter of the tire then tape around the outside. Then shove into the snakes mouth to hold in place and hotglue.

Step 6: Glue on Eyes and Finish

Next glue on the two best looking chunks of rubber tire as the eyes and find a place for your snake to hang out!

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