Introduction: Mad Scientist Lava Lamp

Great addition to any room in your house or for school plays. Use as a night light or a decoration as a lava lamp with a unique design. Have fun and enjoy!!


- Pomegranite juice bottle or a florence flask, round bottom test tube or any others.

- Cork

- Metal wire or long twist tie

- Paint

- Vinegar

- Vegetable oil

- Food Dye or Powdered Dye

- Box or cup

- Led lights or a flashlight

- Hot glue

Step 1: Pipe

Take the metal wire and slide into the rubber tube this may be easier if you slit the tube instead of threading it in leave a little bit of wire on each end. Then paint the whole piece about the same color as the dye you are using.

Step 2: Dye

To make this look as much as a mad scientist potion as I could I choose to dye the water instead of the oil using fluorecent ink to have the most vibrant color when lit up.

Step 3: Add Oil

After filling the water/dye mix to about 3/4 up then add the last quarter full of oil.

Step 4: Cork

First take your cork and drill bit and drill a hole in the top of the cork. Next take the end of the wire that you left out and put it in the hole. Hot glue to secure better.

Step 5: Lid Completion

If using the bottle and not a test tube that a cork fits in cut about 1/3 of the cork off the end that doesn't have the wire then hotglue to the lid.

Step 6: Base

Take your base (I used this cup but anything works) Then cut a hole in the bottom for your light to go in. If using L.E.D.s your base can be shorter Then put your light in.

Step 7: Flashlight Extra

If using L.E.D.s skip this step. For flashlight you are more than likely going to have to change the batteries eventually. To help with this cut an opening on whichever side of the lamp you plan on having towards the wall to allow access to the light.

Step 8: Finish.

Glue the bottle to the top of your base then paint whatever color you like. I choose black since it fits the mad scientist theme. Then tun on in a dark or dimly lit room and enjoy!

Step 9:

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