Introduction: Plastic Lamp

The tools that will be used include scissors, tape and lighters

Step 1: Setting

Put several (at least five) plastic bags together. One layer on top of another. And shape the bottom part of the bags like a bowl.

Step 2: Burning & Ironing

Use lighters to burn the bags and keep ironing and shaping the bags while burning. Create a small 'bowl' at the end.
(Please stay away from any inflammable items while doing this step)

Step 3: Keep Burning

Fold several bags (about 6---10) to be the base part of the lamp. Make them like a cushion. Burn them and iron them to make the base stronger.
(Again please stay away from any inflammable items)

Step 4: Stand

Cut the stand of the 'bowl' part according to how height you want for the lamp. Burn the bottom of the stand and let it be able to stick/ stand on the base cushion.
(Please stay away from any inflammable items)

Step 5: Beautify

It is easily to turn the bag into black color if you didn't burn it carefully. So you can cover a bag around the whole lampstand at the end to make it look nice.

Step 6: Cut

Cut bag into 4 strips. Repeat this step for three bags.

Step 7: Weave

Put a pencil on the table and then place one plastic strip (the white one in the pic) parallel to the pencil and one plastic strip (the red one in the pic) vertical to the pencil. Weave the vertical one around pencil and do this several times. So you will get 12 strips weave around pencil side by side.

Step 8: Get Some Support

Fold several bags together (I do five), burn and iron them. Make them into strong small strips. Using tape to stick the strips on the side of the bowl as the supports of the lamp.

(Stay away from inflammable items while burning the bags)

Step 9: Lampshade

Tie the horizontal strip in step 7. So you will get a circle (pic one). Stick the circle on the supports appropriately (should be 3 strips for each side)

Step 10: Last Step

Cut the strips to suitable length. Get a new strip to be the bottom circle of the lampshade. Stick the strips around the bottom circle. Done! \(*O*)/