Introduction: How to Bend Plastic Pipe Easiest Method

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(No Waffle) Video showing the simplest and most efficient way to form 90 degree bends in MDPE, PVC and other plastic pipes, saving time and money and making the job look the neatest possible.

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Step 1: Materials Used

For this tip, you will of course need your plastic pipe. In this case, I was bending 25mm MDPE water pipe to put a new outside water supply for a garden hose.

You will also need a plumbers pipe bending spring, the type used to bend copper pipe.

The one required for 25mm MDPE is a 22mm copper pipe spring, available at all plumbing outlets.

Step 2: Insert Your Spring Inside the Plastic Pipe

It really is this simple.

Insert the pipe bending spring inside the plastic pipe to the point where you want to form the bend.

If you want to bend the pipe further down the tube, fix stout wire to the end of the spring and push it down using a rod to the correct place, using a tape measure. Aim to have the springs centre point as the place you need to form the bend.

The attached wire can then be used to pull the spring out once you have formed your bend.

Step 3: Apply a Heat Source, Such As a Gas Ring on a Cooker

After inserting the pipe bending spring, you will need a heat source to apply heat in order to soften the plastic pipe.

Take care not to over heat, we don't want to melt the pipe, so keep rotating it over the flame or electric heating element.

If you have a heat gun, this can also be used.

Once heated, you simply bend the pipe to the desired angle and cool it, while still holding the bend pressure, in cold water, preferably under a running cold tap.

This will set the angle.

Remove the spring and voila you have a very neat bend, saving you from buying bulky pre-formed unions.

Step 4: Here We Can See a Heat Bend MDPE Pipe in Place

As you can see from the picture, a very neat job is achieved when you form the bends using this method.

Hope you enjoy this short video instructable and find many uses for it.

The video was filmed by my Granddaughter Amy May with an appearance from Tayler, her sister.

I think she did a fab job for her first time filming with a heavy camera, aged seven :)

We love these girls and are fortunate to have them light up our weekends with fun.

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