Introduction: Easy Way to Make Free Fuel From Sawdust and Paper (Short Video)

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A simpler way to compress paper and sawdust briquettes using your body weight instead of your hands.

This method applies far more compression pressure, producing much more solid briquettes.

We are now able to use the waste from the chainsaw together with the junk mail and cardboard packaging that arrives daily, to heat our home log burner.

Before this, we would get in a mess, trying to feed chainsaw wood shavings into the fire, adding kindling to burn it.

This produced far too much smoke and stifled the flames. And annoy the wife :)

Now we are stock piling paper and sawdust briquettes for the winter.

This method is very quick and easy

Step 1: You Will Need a Large Tub to Soak Newspapers and Mix in Saw Dust and a Plasterers Mixing Paddle

We used a large planter that we use to hold logs next to our log burner.

This was the ideal size.

Junk mail, cardboard packaging, newspapers, magazines are torn into smaller pieces to make it easier to blend. Paper shredder waste is ideal.

Avoid dust from MDF and Chipboard as this will release toxic acrid smoke.

Add to a 2/3 water filled container and soak for 3-4 days or longer until it comes apart easily.

Attach plasterers paddle or paint mixing paddle to your drill and mix thoroughly

Add as much sawdust as you can get in, while mixing with the paddle

Add more water if required.

Step 2: You Will Need to Buy a Paper Briquette Maker (Ours Cost £3.50 From a Second Hand Store)

Fill the briquette maker with the mixed paper mulch and sawdust / shavings from the chainsaw, or obtain from other sources, using the brush and pan to keep things tidy:)

Adding sawdust will make the paper logs burn longer with more heat.

The briquette maker is designed for use with your hands.

The problem with this is that it requires a lot of effort and those handles dig in after long use.

We added a plank of wood, which is placed across both handles.

Now you can step on the plank, taking care to steady yourself (Don't want any accidents)

More water is expelled using this method and the blocks / briquettes are more efficiently compacted, making easier handling and burning.

Step 3: Store Your Paper Logs in a Dry Place

Store paper blocks where they can dry out. Ideally in a place where air is circulating, such as outdoors under a roof of some description.

Storing in a shed can result in mould forming due to excess moisture evaporating.

Now you can smile when junk mail drops through your letterbox.

You can also make paper and cardboard briquettes

Paper briquettes are a great way to use up old newspaper and magazines. Simply soak the paper in water, place the pulp into the maker, place wood plank on the handles and step on it. After drying, your briquettes will be ready to use as fuel!

Briquette Makers measures around 34 x 16 x 12cm.

*Recycle old paper and magazines *Suitable for barbecues and chiminea

And most of all, do your bit for the environment by diverting useful waste from landfill

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Step 4: Burning the Dried Out Briquettes

Here is the long awaited burning test.

The dried briquettes are now ready for their final destination.

The video shows how well they performed in a cast iron multi-fuel stove.

Hope you enjoy it

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