Introduction: Plastic Puppy Lounger

The Plastic Puppy Lounger is made out of fused plastic bags. Regular pet beds can cost you up to $50. While making the Plastic Puppy Lounger only costs about $12. In addition to saving you money, the plastic puppy loungers help the environment. Fusing these bags reduces the amount of BPA that is in the bag which is harmful to humans and animals.

Step 1: What Your Going to Need

You are going to need:

  • parchment paper
  • LOTS of plastic bags (ex. Target, Walmart, Kroger)
  • an iron
  • twine
  • hole puncher
  • weaving needle
  • scissors

Step 2: Fusing the Plastic Bags

  1. put out two large pieces of parchment paper
  2. flatten out the bag
  3. fold it in half so the handles line up
  4. cut the handles off
  5. fold into thirds
  6. put the folded plastic bag in between the two pieces of parchment paper
  7. iron on medium-high

Step 3: Fusing Multiple Bags Together

  1. Repeat step 1
  2. Overlap the edges of two fused plastic bags
  3. Put them in between the parchment paper
  4. Fuse the edges together with the iron still on medium high
  5. Repeat until desired size
  6. Make a top and a bottom

Step 4: Hole Punching

  1. Line up top and bottom
  2. Cut off excess
  3. Hole punch all around the bed

Step 5: The Stuffing

  1. Flatten out the handles
  2. Put in between the parchment paper
  3. iron on low-medium (you only have to run over it with the iron a few times)
  4. If you run out of handles you can use the bags

Step 6: Finishing

  1. Take you weaving needle thread the twine through the eye
  2. Sew the bed together (using the holes)
  3. leave 10 holes open

Step 7: Stuffing

  1. Crumple the bags and handles stuff the bed until desired fullness
  2. Sew the last 10 holes tie off