Introduction: DIY Room Decor : How to Make a Lampshade From Plastic Spoons

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Here’s an idea to brighten up your space that you can do yourself...

This DIY LampShade is too simple and easy to make with waste plastic spoons.

Can you ever imagine that these thrown away waste thing can be used and combined in such a way that it forms a beautiful Handmade Home Decoration Item, which will enhance the beauty of your house? Try this DIY Lampshade in this festive season.


Materials that used:

1.Plastic glass

2.Plastic spoons


4.Hot glue gun

5.Holder and Bulb

Step 1: Take an Empty Plastic Glass

Cut the bottom part of the plastic glass with scissor...

Step 2: Plastic Spoons

Cut the plastic spoons as shown in the picture. (approximately 60 spoons)

Step 3: Stick Spoons With Glue Gun

One by one stick those spoons with the plastic glass using the hot glue gun. Make sure that the glue gun is not too hot, otherwise, it may melt the glass or the spoon... Please be careful while using the Hot Glue Gun.!

Step 4: Getting Ready...

Add all the spoons to form a lotus shape. The formation of the lotus looks beautiful ...

Step 5: Upper Portion

The upper portion of the DIY lotus lampshade is now ready...

Step 6: Attach the Bulb Holder

Attach the bulb holder with an old bottle cap by using a hot glue gun.

Step 7: Light Bulb

Connect a zero watt bulb/lamp with the holder. Here I have used red light, you can use a different colour as per your choice.

Step 8: Finally

Our DIY Lotus LampShade is ready now... Please let us know if you have any query. Please follow Artisan_Pallet for more such home decor DIY lotus lamp. Thank you for your time.

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