Play Liero on Vista or XP

Introduction: Play Liero on Vista or XP

Play the greatest DOS game ever, with sound, on Vista.

Remember Worms Armageddon? Liero (the Finnish word for 'worm') is a live action, much more chaotic freeware version.

Now you can play it on your high-end machine.

Step 1: Getting Programs

You will need these programs-
Openliero Note- it's the big "download" on the left side
The game itself

The later is Liero, which if you have '98 or lower, will work on its own. The first is the program that allows you to open it in Vista.

Step 2: Compiling Files

Open the folder with openliero in it.

Cut and paste all of these files into the Liero folder.

Step 3: One Last Thing...

The last thing you have to do is change the compatibility settings.

Highlight and right click openliero.exe

Click "properties"

Go to the Compatibility tab.

Click "Run in 640x480 screen resolution"

Hit 'OK', and you're ready!

Now run openliero.exe. Liero should run. When I did it it was tiny, so hit F6 to make the screen bigger.

Have lots of bloody, wormy, explody fun!

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    14 years ago on Introduction

    Instructable could be streamlined, but that's not why I'm here. I just wanted to throw a comment in for how much I love Liero. Three or four years ago in HS we'd sit and play Liero over the LAN during Visual Basic class and completely zone out. It was amazing. Somehow, we never got caught. A year before that a kid got caught by the previous programming teacher, who was approaching eighty years of age, and was able to convince him it was his own program :D