Introduction: Play Like a Champion Board Game

This board game is fun to play with your family and friends. You can play it at home at birthday parties and just for fun. You can have up to six players and you can play for hours. This is such a fun game you will definitely enjoy playing and making it.




-Hot glue

- Printer paper

-Modpodeg (optional)



Step 1: The Game Board

First, you wanna make your gameboard what I did was take two pieces of cardboard it doesn't matter what size. And start drawing your basketball court just a traditional basketball court will do. Next, you can draw your space it really doesn't matter where you put your spaces or "path. Next, you can start painting your game board you can paint it any colors you want with any design you want. Lastly, if you want you can add boxes for your players to sit by painting six squares for six players. If you want you can also add two basketball hoops at the end I made mine out of cardboard as the base and a hot glue circle as a hoop.

Step 2: Game Pieces

First, you want to print your basketball players you can pick any players you want. For example, I chose Steph Curry, Lebron James, Zion Williamson, Kyrie Irving, Candance Parker, and Nikki Ekhomu. Next, you want to cut out your players. Next, take a piece of cardboard and cut the outline of your player so there is a "backing". Next, take a piece of cardboard and put it on the bottom of the player so there is a stand. Lastly, glue your player to the cardboard and mod podge them together.

Step 3: Game Cards

To make your game cards you want to take a basketball related photo as your background then you can make up ques like. For example "You made a layup move up one space" or "You traveled move back a space". You can make these on a google document and then print and cut them out you can even laminate them!

Step 4: Rules and Instructions

You can edit, add or remove any of these rules and instructions if needed.

-First, pick your player

-Next, put your player on the start box

- Pick a playing card

- Follow the card

-The goal of the game is to make it to the end and make a basket

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