Introduction: Playstation Mods

     I was doing some spring cleaning when I realized I had 2 ps1s, 2 ps2s, and 2 n64s.  I decided that I was going to mod them.  I looked online for the mods but found only modchips, and an led mod for the ps2.  I decided to do it, but i wired it differently than in the original mod.  For the ps1 mod, I couldn't find a single mod for them online other than modchips and painted cases.  I thought of what I could do to take this to the next level.  The mods cost me a total of less than $10.  I hope you enjoy. 

NOTE: I havn't modded the N64 yet so I'll be working on it soon.  If you have any suggestion for what I should do to mod it, just post a comment below. (;