Introduction: Plexiglass Bird Cage

This is a simple, good looking, and cheap birdcage that anyone can make. The hardest part is making the plexiglass bends but I could sell them to anyone interested. I used 1/8 x 3 x 48 wood planks from lowes. Here's a parts list

- 16' of 1/8 x 3 wood planks

- 16 3/4" screw/nuts

- roll of 1/2" wire cage

- a 5/8" dowel and decorative knob

- box of staples and stapler gun

-tyvek sheets ( I can sell these also or use usps envelopes glued together)

- set of small hinges

- 4' of 1/8" x 1.5" and 4' of 1/2" x 1.5" wood

Step 1: Make the Cage

Basically all you do is drill two holes in the plexiglass, clamp the wood and plexiglass together and drill through the wood, and then use the nuts and bolts to fasten them together. I would suggest attaching two pieces of plexiglass to one piece of wood and doing the other side, and attaching the two sides with the other two pieces of wood. This will make the cage more square.

The fun part is cutting the wire down to size. What I did was cut folds into the wire to hold it in place on the plexiglass, and stapled the other sides to the wood.

The opening for food and water was made with zip tie hinges and a piece of driftwood I bought at micheals craft store.

The floor of the cage is just tyvek stapled to a picture frame style box that I put hinges on. To make the frame, use the 1/8" strip of wood to staple the tyvek to, and the thicker 1/2" wood for the hinge and dowel side. I used a 5/8" hole drill blade thing to drill a hole for the dowel. Just pull out the dowel and the floor drops for easy cleaning.

Step 2: Cool Things I Put in My Cage

I have a glass blowing setup that I've used to make perches and swings. One end is zip tied and the other has a 90 degree bend that hooks into the wire. If anyone is interested in buying these I'd be glad to make them. I also have tyvek and the lexan corner braces. Just email me at with any questions and I will try to respond.

Thanks for reading!

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