Introduction: Plush Cube Monster

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Ah, the loveable plush cube monster, a toy that is fairly easy to make - and also fun to love.

In this instructables you will learn how to make your own plush cube monster.

the basic body and features of the plush cube monster can be modified in many different ways - therefore I will give a basic run down of the plush cube monster and leave the modifications up to you.

first - the basic materials will be:

- fabric of  your choice
- 2 buttons
- yarn or thick string
- fiber fill
- needle and thread ( or sewing machine)

Step 1: Starting Off

to keep this simple for those who have less experience sewing - i am going to stick to making a perfectly cubicle plush monster.

therefore, the pictures are guidelines to how i created the yeti plush cube monster, but the directions will be more simplistic.

first - cut out 6, five inch by five inch cloth squares.

(you can honestly make your monster any size you want but mine is fairly small)

with the outside of the fabric together, pin the edges of two squares together.

sew along the top edge of the squares.

Step 2: Making a Face

next we will pick a square to create a face on.

take the square and sew on eyes (keeping in mind that if you have to sew along the seam on both sides), and put on a mouth by laying  a piece of yarn or thick string across the front.

line up the edges of the face square to one of the squares that you have just sewn. 

pin the edges and sew along the seam.

next fold the lose square to meet up with the top of the face square, and then again sew along the seam.

Step 3: Finishing the Top

by now you should see the forming of a cube.

the top part of the cube being the square above the eyes and the bottom part of the cube open on the bottom.

that means there are two more squares to sew on around the sides and one left to sew on the bottom.

attach the fourth square and repeat the steps for sewing the squares together.
do again for the fifth square.

Step 4: Sewing the Bottom

your plush cube should be turned inside out again, after  you have finished admiring your work, and then it is time for the last square to be added.

sew this square on but only sew three sides (preferably leaving the rear open so it is less visible when you sew this closed).

after you have done this, flip your creature right side out.

through the open hole, stuff your monster with fiber fill.

when you are pleased with its plumpness, carry on to sewing closed the opening.

Step 5: Horns

on my monster i added horns, but honestly there are so many things that you can do.

I have pictures on how i made the horns, and once you have them sewn, you can stuff 'em, and sew them on to wherever you want them :)

Step 6: Variations

as I said before, there are many ways that you can tweak this plush cube monster to be your own adorable creation.

I have currently made three... all different and all very fun and easy to make.

currently i have made a phone charm (blue),

the white yeti plush,


a Valentines cube monster for my little brothers girl crush :)

Step 7: Tutorial Termination

So that's it.

an adorable little companion that is sure to bring you satisfaction.

I hope you have fun making you plush cube monster.
any questions on the process just comment.

sorry if this is a bit rushed, I'm really pressed for time but wanted to put this up.

:) eh, Enjoy!
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