Introduction: Plywood Herringbone Rambone Slingshot

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It's been a while since I made this slingshot, but it occured to me that I never made an Instructable of it. So this is my favorite slingshot aesthetically. It has an oak core and scales made of plywood. I was tired of the usually boring look of plywood, so by cutting it in a special way I was able to make a herringbone pattern. It was a fun to make and equally fun to shoot. Enjoy the video tutorial!

Step 1: The Core

The core is made by oak. Because of wood grain the fork would be strong in one direction but not the other. To make things a bit stronger I split the core in half and took advantage of the grain. A bit of glue on the ends made it solid.

Step 2: The Scales

Using a miter saw I cut plywood strips and made a herringbone pattern. This step is easy to understand by watching the video.

Step 3: Glue-up

Once the core and scales are done you glue them toghether as shown in the picture above. There is a lot of shaping to be done before it'll look nice.

Step 4: Shaping, Sanding and Finishing

I didn't think of taking many pictures while building the thing, so you'll have to bear with the picture above. After gluing everything toghether, I used wood rasps, metal files and sandpaper to bring it to it's final shape. Lindseed oil was used as finish. Watch the video for a better explanation.

Step 5:

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