Introduction: Plywood's Coffee Table

Recently, having finished my CNC WorkBee construction, I decided to make some nitwits. Since I like furniture design, I make a coffee table. I thought it was nice and decided to share it

Step 1: Material and Working Software

Coffee table


510mm X 650mm X 800mm


1. Plywood class 2: 1 19mm

2.Tempered glass 10mm

3. Wood oill

The model is produced graphically by SOLIDWORKS 2016 Edition,

Developed by CNC WorkBee.

Step 2: Choose Quality Material

It is advisable to choose high quality plywood sheets, as the low quality material has a roughness between layers. Which is why we have a lot of work to do, and not so much beauty.

Also of great importance is the safety of glass. Glass should be selected with tempered glass. It is very resistant to breakage, and if it breaks it into small bricks.

I used 10mm tempered glass, maybe 8mm can be used to lighten the weight.

Step 3: Tools

CNC bits 1/4 and 1/8 for flywood

Sander Bosch 125mm

Sander sandpaper 125mm 60,80, 100,120,150,180,220, 320, 400, 600


Step 4: Plywood Processing

Consistent use of sander sandpaper should be considered during processing to achieve a smooth and glossy surface. If we do just that, we will see our reflection on plywood's surface

Step 5: Result

Result of long processing

Step 6: Aluminum Disc Glass Table Top Adapter Attach Circle Decoration

After processing, make the Aluminum Disc Glass Table Top Adapter Attach Circle Decoration Fasteners as desired

Step 7: THE END

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