Introduction: Spindle Mount Makita Tro 700C & Optical Sensor for Tachometer ( for X Carve)

Hello once more

Another project with 3d printer.

When I built my prince carving machine, I had to prepare him to spindle Mount. Because I had Spindle makita tro 700C, I also did it for lights and tahometer (to control the turnover)

I decided to make a 3D printer

I'll share the files for printing 3D printer

Step 1: 3D Modeling, Software 3D MAX

First of all, I prepared the Spindle Mount model

It is fitted with makita rto 700c and inventables a rigid X axis carriage for your X-Carve

Then print out with my friend's 3D printer

Step 2: Making

Step 3: Assemble

Everything went out well, you can use it for sure ...

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