Introduction: Pocket Friendly Stylus

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Sometimes when you doodle or draw in your phone it can be frustrating to not have a stylus or a tablet pen. If you check in YouTube you will find complicated ways to make your own stylus. Well I found a way to do a stylus under a minute. You can make some for your friends and family as well. Here we go.....

Step 1: Materials Required

The following materials are required :
Cotton buds
Aluminum foil
And some water

Step 2: Making the Base

Take 2 cotton buds (If you are making a smaller size then use 1).Align them as shown in the picture above. Take the first bud and dip it into some water. This will be the tip you'll use. Align it back.

Step 3: The Body

Take some aluminum foil and wrap it around the buds. Make sure the wet tip is not covered. Tape it to the buds as shown in the picture above.

Step 4: And You Are Done!!!

That's it! It's only 3 steps and it even works watch the video to see if it works. I also made a smaller one with 1 cotton bud which you can carry in your pocket. See you next time... Byee!!!