Introduction: Pop Up Birthday Cake Surprise!!!

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Have you ever wondered about what kind of gift you will give to your friend/family on their birthday? Well, you have come to the right place! 'Cause today i will show you how to make the perfect gift for a birthday. It's going to be a pop up birthday cake surprise. this is going to be one of the most memorable and valuable gifts ever!. (Guess what, it's made completely out of paper!!!!!!)

Step 1: Materials Required

The materials required are:

  • Craft papers
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • Any type of gum (I used Fevicol Mr)
  • Pencil
  • Any type of black pen/marker (you can even use color pencils for coloring)
  • Compass (if you don't have one i will show you how to make one)

So let's get started!!

Step 2: Making of the Box

Take 5 sheets of craft papers, the base color can be different or they can all be colorful. Take the sides/walls of the box (that is 4 sheets) and fold the bottom part as you can see in the above pic. Repeat for all 4. Now glue the folded part to the base that is the 5th sheet. You will get a + symbol. this is the base/box.

Step 3: Making the Layers of the Cake

Now take 3 sheets of paper. You can make more or lesser layers , i decided to make 3 layered cake (you have to take the sheets according to the number of layers you are making).Now it's time to take your compass and if you don't have one take a small piece of paper or cardboard and poke 2 holes at either ends. I made 3 holes in one end since we have to make 3 layers. you put 1 pen/pencil into 1 hole and hold it stiff that does the work like a needle of a compass, which forms the center. use another pen/pencil to make the circle. Cut them out. Now you have the top part of the layers.

Step 4: Sides of the Cake Layers

Take another sheet of paper. Cut equal strips and glue it to form a longer strip. This is the side of the cake layer. Cut small triangles on the top of the strip. Fold the triangles and glue them to the circle. This forms one layer. Repeat this step with the other layers.

Step 5: Stacking the Layers

Take the biggest layer and glue the bottom edge onto the base of the box. Let it dry. Now take the other layers and repeat the step.

Step 6: The Making of the Top

of course how can you make a pop up card without a top of the box? Take 4 sheets of same colored paper to create a bigger paper. Stick all of the 4 sheets as shown above in the pic. Fold all 4 sides of the paper and stick the excessive corners in a way to make it look like the top of the box. If you want to make sure it doesn't come out or to make it look neater fold the sides once more and stick a sheet into the top.

Step 7: Making Decorations for Each Wall/Side of the Box

Now you can customize your box. I cut out a piece of paper and glued 3 sides of the paper onto the wall to make it look like a pocket. This is where you can add their most memorable pics or just their crazy/best pics. For the topmost layer of the cake I felt like a candle would be too boring so I decided to make this bouncing 17 since my sis is going to be 17. For this you need 2 strips of equal length and the age cutout of paper (in no.). Fold the strips in a piano/step order to make bouncy and stick the no. on 1 end. Stick the other end onto the topmost layer of the cake. For the other walls I put quotes and her favorite emojis etc.

Step 8: And You Are Done

In the end added some confetti as sprinkles and the end result was looking something like the pic above. It's absolutely pretty and your friends and family are gonna love it. I will upload some more in the future so wait for it.

- Rachel

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