Introduction: Pocket Hand Warmer

This year has been a very good year for cherries in England. So after making cherry and ginger jam and freezing what we couldn't eat we were left with a lot of cherry stones. These together with a pair of pockets from some old and beyond repair ladies jeans we could make a pair of pocket hand warmers.

Please note don't use pockets that have a metal rivet in them as the microwave won't like that!


Cherrystones, old jeans or any material, a needle and thread. a microwave oven and an infrared thermometer

Step 1: Cut Your Pockets Out

Simply cut out the pockets and leave some extra material on for trimming later

Step 2: Fill Your Pocket With Cherry Stones

Fill your pockets with cherry stones, but not too many for a small pocket we put in about 250 stones which weighed about 50grams.

Step 3: Stitch Up the Pocket

This part was easy too, just double-threaded simple sowing. and tieing the knot off at the end

Step 4: Trim Your Pockets

Carefully cut the spare material away

Step 5: Calibrate

Not sure how hot the stones would get in the microwave. I measured the original temperate 22degrees Celsius about 72 degrees Fahrenheit after 30 seconds in an 800watt Microwave oven.

Step 6: Enjoy

The final finished free pocket warmer that is handy in your pocket when the winter arrives.

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