Introduction: Pocket Mirror From a Hard Drive Platter

Recently I disassembled an old hard drive to  get the magnets for another project.
(Turned out there was only one magnet in it so I guess I'll have to dismantle some more) 
I thought: "There must be a use for all that pretty stuff I got out of this thing."
And there is! 

Upcycle an old hard drive by turning those shiny pretty platters into useful pretty pocket mirrors.

It would make a nice gift for (girl)friends or moms or anyone who uses mirrors.

Step 1: Materials

You need:

a nice button to cover up the hole
snaps (2)
needle and thread to sew the snaps on
double sided sticky tape ( i love that stuff, you can do everything with it!)

Step 2: Make the Cover

You can knit or crochet the cover.
 I can't knit so I crocheted.
 Other kinds of fabric might work also, I think. If you do that, please tell me how it went.

width: a little more than the diameter of the platter
length: a little more than twice the diameter

Step 3: Add Mirror

Put the double sided sticky tape on one side of the mirror and stick it to the cover.
I wasn't sure how well it would stick. I worried it might fall off, but I have been carrying it around in my handbag for some time now and nothing happened.

There is a hole in the middle that doesn't look nice. We will to do something about that later.

Step 4: Sew Snaps

Take needle and thread ans sew the snaps to the corners

Step 5: Add Button

Glue the button on to hide the hole.
You could also sew it on.

I used super-glue, worked great!

Step 6: Done !

Have fun using (or gifting) your new mirror!

One might think that the button in the middle would be in the way when you look into the mirror.
But I have used it many times now and it never bothered me.

What do you think of this? Please leave a comment and tell me.
Made one? Please show me :-)

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