Introduction: Pocket Pal Revelution

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You have all seen the old pocket pal made by the "magical duct tape kid" but this pocket pal is twice a good it had 2 pockets one for money/cards and one for coins and it also has a flap that covers the top so the stuff won't fall out. The best part is that is it very simple to make.

Step 1: Materials

This part is very easy:

- Duct tape any color I used many different colors to make it look cooler

-Scissors or a knife to cut the duct tape

-3 or 4 trading cars I used basketball cards

Step 2: Pocket Number One

First stack about 4-5 trading cards in a pile then cover them with duct tape but make sure the inside is not sticky, the outside should be sticky (see picture 1) now cover the sticky outside with one more layer of duct tape now the outside and the inside should both be unsticky (see picture 2) now cut of the very top. you can now pull the cards out, here is pocket #1 your money and cards will go here. (it should now look like picture 3)

Step 3: Pocket Number Two

Now that you have the first pocket it is time to make the coin pocket.take 2 strips and cover them with 2 shorter strip (see picture 1). Now tape it to the back (see picture2).

Step 4: The Flap

Tape 2 medium pieces of tape to the back then tape the fron so it is not sticky(see picture 1)
take aiece of tape and cut it as shown. then fold as shown. now just tuck your flap in the slot on the fron and you done.

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