Pog/Tazo Shooter!

Introduction: Pog/Tazo Shooter!

I was just walking in my room, opened one of my toy storage boxes and found a bag. But that bag contained my first ever idea for an Instructable. Inside that bag were a lot of Pogs (or Tazos, as they are called were I live)!

If you don’t know what Pogs are, Pogs are milk caps that were popular in the early-mid 1990s. Where I live they are still around (in USA they “disappeared”) but they are different.

They are not available in ordinary toy stores, they come inside potato chip bags! Yes, you heard right, in potato chip bags. The brand that makes Tazos is called Sabritas (Frito-Lay). The creators of the Doritos and Tostitos. They come inside the potato chip bag and you need to buy them to get one Tazo. Then you buy more and more and you start collecting them.

Another difference about Pogs and Tazos are that the image in the Tazo is from a cartoon, movie, anime, videogame, real life persons, etc. Like The Simpsons, DragonBall Super, Plant VS. Zombies, Minions, Angry Birds, WWE, and many more!

There are Tazo coupons too! If you get a Tazo coupon you go to the nearest convenient store and exchange the Tazo coupon plus additional money (like 0.66 dollars) for a keychain. The keychain is from the same theme as the Tazo.

They are many sizes and shapes for Tazos too. Like there is a Q-BiTazos that are square tazos that can join another squared tazo. 6 of them make a cube! There are MegaTazos, which like the name indicates, are very big! There are also Metalix Tazos that are made of metal, and many more.

Enough about explaining what Tazos are. Now I’m going to talk about why this idea popped into my head.

Unlike the original Pogs game, I wanted to make a Tazo shooter to shoot at a stack of tazo and see them fall down. But I figured out that was not the only thing it can do. It can collide with another tazo that was shot by another person or it can be played in a dart-like game and many more ideas that YOU can create with this shooter. At first I thought of doing a 3D-print but my Dad told me maybe I could do it as a Lego Tazo shooter.

Step 1: What You Need (Part One)

For this Tazo shooter you need:

A rubber band

Step 2: What You Need (Part Two)

Up above are all the pieces of LEGO that you need to make this instructable.

Step 3: Making the Shooter! (Part One)

For the shooter you need the following (also mentioned in the picture):

Two 4514553

One Cross block fork, 2x2-module, black. 4162857

One Cross block, 2x2 module, black. 4140430

One Axle, 6-module, black. 370626

Two Axle, 3-module, gray. 4211815

Six Connector peg with friction/axle, 2-module, blue. 4206482

Four Double cross block, 3-module, black. 4121667

Two Angular beam, 4x6-module, black. 4112282

A rubber band

A Tazo

Step 4: Making the Shooter! (Part Two)

Ok, first we need to grab the two “Angular beam, 4x6-module, black” pieces and put them in a claw angle (like the claw machine). (First picture).

Then we need to put a “connector peg with friction/axle, 2-module, blue” piece (let’s call that piece the small blue connector) in the 6th hole (counting the plus sign hole) from one of the Angular beam pieces (plus sign of the blue piece facing up). Repeat this part of the step again with the other Angular beam piece. (Second picture).

Then grab one “Double cross block, 3-module, black” (in my case that piece is red) and two of the small blue connectors. Put the blue connectors in the holes, both facing the same side (as if they were buddies :D). (Third picture).

Grab the previous piece you put together and put it in the 2nd hole of the claw pieces. (counting the plus sign hole). (Fourth picture).

Flip the claw pieces and grab the two 4514553 blue pieces (let’s call them the large blue connectors). Put one of them in the 3rd hole (counting the plus sign hole). The long part of the large blue connector needs to be face up of the Angular beam piece. Repeat this part of the step again with the other Angular beam piece. (Fifth picture).

Grab the two “Double cross blocks” pieces and grab four small blue connectors. Grab one of the “Double cross blocks” and two of the small blue connectors (for now). Put one of the small blue connectors in one hole of the Double cross piece and put the other small blue connector in the other hole but instead put it facing down (this time the small blue connectors are not buddies, instead they are enemies so they don’t want to be together/aside). Repeat this part of the step with the other Double cross block piece. (Sixth picture).

Put one of these pieces in the 5th hole of the Angular beam piece (counting the plus sign hole). Repeat this part of the step with the other Angular beam piece. Adjust both of them in a V-like shape (Seventh picture).

Grab an “Axle, 6-module, black” piece and the only remaining “Double cross block”. Put the Axle black piece into the hole of the inferior Double cross block. Then insert the additional Double cross block that you grabbed into the Axle black piece. The Double cross block needs to be facing up and inside the claw pieces. (Eighth picture).

Grab a “Cross block fork, 2x2-module, black” (in my case it is red) and put it in the back of the Axle black piece. (Ninth picture).

Grab two “Axle, 3-module, grey” and one “Cross block, 2x2-module, black”. Put the Axle grey pieces in the top plus sign hole (half way through). Then place the Cross block through them. (Tenth picture).

Flip the claw piece upside down and put the rubber band around the small blue connectors (the rubber band has to be doubled). Put the tazo inside the claw piece, push the trigger and now your tazo can be shot! (Eleventh and Twelfth pictures).

In bottom of this Instructable I include a video of how to use it properly.

Step 5: Now What?

I’m reading your mind. You are thinking.... why are there some pieces that are sticking out from the shooter? Hehehehe, don’t worry. All of this will be answered to you in a fraction of time. Heheheheh.

Step 6: Making the Tazo Container to Make a Tower Shooter! (Part One)

For the tazo container you need the following (also mentioned in the picture):

Four 4188298

Four Angular block 1, 0º, black. 4107085.

Eight 4120017

Five PLATE 6X6, 1/4 CIRCLE

Sixteen 4514553 (also known as large blue connectors)

A stack of tazos

Step 7: Making the Tazo Container to Make a Tower Shooter! (Part Two)

First grab one “plate 6x6, 1/4 circle” and one 4188298. Put the 4188298 piece in the first peg of the curve of the plate. After you put that, grab a large blue connector and put it inside the 4188298 (it doesn’t need to fit perfectly). (First picture).

Then grab one “Angular block 1, 0º, black” (in my case it is red) and put it in the other edge of the plate. After that, grab a large blue connector and put it inside the Angular block (it doesn’t need to fit perfectly). (Second picture).

Grab two 4120017, put them where indicated in the third picture and as shown in the fourth picture (they are like mirrored). Then grab one large blue connector and put it in the 4th hole (counting the plus sign hole). Repeat this part of the step with the other 4120017 (it doesn’t need to fit perfectly). (Fifth picture).

Put the stack of tazos inside the tazo container (it doesn’t need to fit perfectly). (It looks like the stack is floating in mid-air). (Sixth and Seventh pictures).

Repeat all these steps four times to do four containers. Leave the last plate 6x6 for later.

Step 8: Stack It Up!

Now we are going to stack it all up!

In the first picture we put together the shooter with one container (First picture).

In the second picture we stack container with container (do this part of the step 3 times). (Second picture).

Then at the top put the last plate 6x6. (Third picture).

Step 9: Keep Your Tazo Containers Steady! (Part One)

So for you to keep your tazo containers steady in a tower, we need reinforcements.

For the reinforcements you need (also mentioned in the picture):

Two Axle, 5-module, grey. 4211639

Two Axle with stop, 8-module, dark grey. 4499858

Two 4227155

The tower shooter

Step 10: Keep Your Tazo Containers Steady! (Part Two)

Grab two “Axle, 5-module, grey” and two 4227155. For now you will use a Axle grey and a 4227155. Put the 4227155 in the bottom of the Axle grey. Repeat this part of the step with the other Axle grey. (First picture).

Grab two “Axle with stop, 8-module, dark grey” and slide it down into the plus signs of 4120017 (this piece is part of the container). You must slide it down into the 3rd one. (Second picture).

After that grab the two pieces that you put together in the first picture and put it in the last hole (the Axle grey and the Axle with stop are a couple so put them really close). (Third picture).

Step 11: CONGRATULATIONS! Now You Can Play With It :D

Now you can shoot anything you want with the Pog/Tazo shooter. Yay!

Remember, it is all made of LEGO ;)

Step 12: Video of How to Use the Pog/Tazo Shooter Properly

Here’s the video.


Step 13: Thanks!

Thanks for reading it :D or doing it :0

I hope you enjoyed it!

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    2 years ago

    Nice! I miss pogs :D


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks 😊
    You know, as I said in my Instructable they are still around. At home they are called Tazos.