Introduction: Poinsettia Christmas Card

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Poinsettias are pretty recognizable and popular around Christmas. I decided to do a card with poinsettias on it, but I wanted to do something a little different, so I made them into a wreath. Check out this fun and easy Paper Poinsettia Wreath Christmas and Holiday Card.

Step 1: Supplies and Design

This card was designed using a Silhouette machine. You could probably make this card without one, but I do not know how and that is not what I am showing you here.


For this card, I bought a design from the Silhouette Store. I used Design ID #35839: 3d poinsettia flower by Lori Whitlock.

The pattern mentioned comes with four flowers of the same design of different sizes. You want just one size for this design. When I went about making it. I started by putting four equal distance apart to mark the four edges of the circle I wanted to create. Then I tried to evenly space them out between those points. This resulted in 16 poinsettias.

Once I had them how I wanted them, I copied the design and pasted the flowers below. You need the ring of poinsettias for one piece of the card, and you will need the separate poinsettias to cut up and put on top.

Once you have the flowers copied and off to the side, select all of the flowers in your ring and "weld" them together. If you don't have one solid piece, as shown in the images, undo and rearrange until you can get one line connecting all of the flowers along the outside. Remove all the extra inner pieces.

Using offset, offset this shape about .125 inches or so. Once you do that, you can get rid of your original shape and just keep the offset. This piece will be where you attach the individual poinsettia flowers to and the flowers should fit right inside the ring since you offset them.

To make leaves, take the poinsettia shape and cut it down so you have just one petal. That will be your leaf.

What you should cut out:

  • The ring you just offset - I did this in a normal red color
  • The individual Poinsettia flowers (16 or more if you want some inside the card) - use a different shade of red than above, I used a red paper that was kind of mottled to give it less of a bold one color look
  • Leaves (8 more if you want some for inside the card or for the envelope) - green
  • Cut out some circles in red or use a hole puncher (12)

Step 2: Assemble the Wreath

Once you have everything cut out, you can start assembling the pieces.

As stated before, you should have cut out the "wreath" in red and 16 flowers in the mottled color

Line up the flowers and attach them to the wreath. They will overlap with one another.

Step 3: Assemble Card

Time to put it all together. You can put the pieces on how you want, but this is how I did it.

I put the wreath right in the middle of the card. With the middle open, you could write something in the center.

I just wanted this on the front of the card, so I filled the blank space by putting two leaves and three red berries (red circles) in each corner.

Step 4: Done

Write on it, decorate the inside, decorate the envelop, whatever you want.

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