Introduction: Point-of-Purchase Acrylic Make-Up Stand | Laser Cut and Engraved

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This week we're adding a new element to our projects, acrylic bending! We have combined laser cutting and engraving with UV printing and now - acrylic heat bending!

We go through the steps on how to make your own Point-of-Purchase (POP) display using our SP500 laser cutting machine, our Mutoh ValueJet 426UF UV printer, and EMX-2 Strip Heater for bending acrylic.

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Step 1: Cutting & Engraving Acrylic Base

We use our TroGlass Clear 8mm cast acrylic for our main base. We take a full sheet size, 24"x48" and place it in our SP 500 200w laser cutting/engraving machine. We take off the masking for the engraving but leave it on for the cutting to prevent any flaming on the acrylic itself.

Engraving Settings:
Power - 45
Speed - 100

Cutting Settings:
Power - 100
Speed - 1.2

Step 2: UV Printing

For the top banner, we use our Mutoh ValueJet 426UF UV printer to print on our TroGlass Clear 3mm cast acrylic. We use the White-on-Colour method, flip the image horizontally and print on the back of the acrylic.

Step 3: Laser Cut Our UV Printed Banner

We then place our UV printed banner face up into our Speedy 400 and cut it out of the larger piece of acrylic, as well as cutting 4 holes for the stand-offs. Same settings as for the TroGlass Red, Back and White acrylic.

Step 4: Laser Cutting & Engraving Plaque

We then laser cut and engrave our TroGlass Satin Black 3mm cast acrylic for the plaque that holds the make-up. We use our Speedy 400 laser cutting/engraving machine.

Engraving Settings:
Power - 55
Speed - 100

Cutting Settings:
Power - 80
Speed - 1.2

Step 5: Add Coloured Acrylic to Our Sign

We then laser cut TroGlass Satin Red (for the arrow) and Frosted White (for the title) 3mm cast acrylic, with 3M adhesive backing and glue it to our black acrylic plaque. Laser cutting settings are the same as for the Satin Black plaque.

Step 6: Bending the Acrylic Stand

We then take our EMX Acrylic Strip Heater and put our main 8mm piece of clear acrylic. We leave the heater on for 15 minutes before we place the acrylic, in order to heat up. We then place the acrylic for roughly 5 minutes to heat up, then bend the acrylic and let it cool into the shape we want.

Step 7: Adding the Stand-Offs

We then screw the stand-offs to our main acrylic base (where we laser cut the holes).

Step 8: Adding the Plaque and Banner

We then add the make-up plaque and the top UV printed banner to our main base by screwing the ends of the stand-offs to it.

Step 9: Adding the Make-up

We the place our make-up onto the plaque and we're ready to go!

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