Introduction: Points of a Chair-ghosts!

Here's what you'll need:

A chair or two with points on the ends

White paper towels

Tape, preferably clear

A marker for the face!

Step 1: This Isn't a Step! Just Go to the Next One!

yeah, what he said.

Step 2: Step One: Paper Towels!

You'll need the white paper towels for this step. Lay the paper towel long ways on the table. Take one end of the paper towel, and stick your thumb on it. Take your pointer finger (the hand with the thumb your using!) and grip the other side of the paper towel. Take the other end and wrap it around both fingers. Use your fist and twist the top of the roll. This is the end of step one.

Step 3: Step Two: Tape!

Bend the head backwards and tape down for the round head illusion. Tape the body.

Step 4: Step Three: Marker and Final Folds!

Take the bottom of the paper towel, and use your thumb to push in the edges. you now have the main ghost! Take out your marker and draw on any face you want! Oops, i forgot to mention... He'Ll HaUnT YoU aNd DrAw On YoUr FaCe WhiLe YoU'rE sLeEpInG! make as many as you want! And if you don't have chairs with points on them, try finding something with a point, like a pole! Happy Crafting!

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