Poison Ivy Birthday Cake Gluten Free

Introduction: Poison Ivy Birthday Cake Gluten Free

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Included in this are two different versions of the poison Ivy cake. One was a trail run, and the other the final product with Happy Birthday written on it.


1. Three boxes King Arthur Gluten free chocolate cake mix.

2. About Six tubs of white frosting if frosting is not made but bought. Four times the Wilton Buttercream recipe if made.

3. Two colors of green food dye, plus any colors wanted for flowers.

4. Two recipes worth of rice crispy treats freshly made.

5. Poison Ivy doll.

6. Saran wrap and tape for protecting doll.

7. Two packages of chocolate frosting or pudding for filling in sheet cake.

8. At least two packages Gummy worms.

9. Cake decorating supplies including tips.

10. 18 x 12" cake baking pan.

Step 1: Making the First Cake

Bake the 3 boxes of chocolate cake in a 18" x 12" cake baking pan.

Cool and cut carefully. Using a cookie sheet to help stabilize the layers, separate them to add filling.

Add chocolate filling. Then add loads of gummy worms into the "dirt" filling.

Carefully place the top layer of cake back on top of the wormy dirt layer.

Frost the rest of the cake with green dyed frosting.

If making the frosting Look up Wilton Buttercream frosting recipe. Make four times the amount if one recipe.

Step 2: Making the Second "cake" and Adding Poison Ivy

Wrap any parts of Poison Ivy Doll in tape and saran wrap (including tying up her hair) that you do not want to have to clean later.

Make rice crispy treats and form into a cone like shape leaving a hole in the middle big enough to place the doll into. It may help to put something (that is wrapped in greased saran wrap) into the hole to make it easier.Place the doll into the hole and press it around her waist until it looks like a skirt.

This should all be done quickly before the rice crispy treats get too hard to work.

Note: the cardboard will need a hole in it too if it is used under the "skirt".

Step 3: Decorating

Finish by decorating the "dress" and "garden" as wanted.

A leaf tip may be good for the top of the dress.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    Looks really nice! I don't think I've had gummy worms in a cake before, how is that?


    Reply 3 years ago

    It was really good! We did not put enough worms in the middle (only one small box) so I doubled it in the recipe. To help make up for it, my sister put fresh worms on every girl's plate. They were thrilled.