Introduction: Pokémon Battles!

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This is a fun way to do Pokémon battles outside with just 4 people and a trampoline!

Step 1: Trainers and Pokémon

First you need to split up into 2 groups of 2. Then decide who will be the Pokemon and who will be the Trainer. The most important step now is picking your Pokemon! You may pick any Pokemon you know but no legendarys allowed.

Step 2: Begin Playing!

Both groups stand at opposite ends of the trampoline. The Pokemon stands however their Pokemon would stand (all fours or on two legs). The Trainers then tell the Pokemon what moves to do to defeat the Pokemon. Use realistic moves they would have and don't make a fire Pokemon use Hydro Cannon or something.

Step 3: How to Win

The Pokemon that makes the other Pokemon surrender or holds the other Pokemon down for 10 seconds wins. You can also play this with 6 people and have 2 Pokemon on your team. If you do play like that you can make you Pokemon return. But if you do that you can't send it back out again.

Step 4: Be Creative

You can make a costume or mask to wear in this game to jazz it up more! Be creative with costumes and/or rules! These are just basic rules but you can add as many more as you want! I suggest you play this on a trampoline so nobody gets hurt very badly. And Pokemon can probably jump high to so use that to your advantage!

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