Introduction: Pokémon Card Deck Holder

My son has gotten really into playing Pokémon and likes to have multiple decks setup, so I made him a card holder that is durable and has the Pokémon logo on it.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

  • Duct tape - Red, Black and Silver (or White)
  • Exacto Knife
  • Scissors (I use Friskar Duck Edition)
  • A cutting board
  • About 70 cards
  • A quarter
  • A dime
  • A 58mm espresso tamper or something similar in size made of glass or metal

Step 2: Shape the Inside Bottom of the Card Holder

  1. Cut a piece of duct tape that is about 5" long.
  2. Place the bottom of your stack of cards on the tape and use it as a template.
  3. Using the exacto knife, cut to the edge of the cards along all four corners.
  4. Then fold the corners over.

Step 3: Finish the Inside of the Holder

  1. Cut two pieces of tape that are about 11" long and wrap them all the way around the deck of cards. Be careful to line up the tape.

Step 4: Make the Flap

  1. Cut two pieces of tape that are each about 7" long.
  2. Overlap the pieces so that they are about 3 3/8" wide.
  3. Then fold the pieces over leaving about 1" of exposed tape.
  4. Cut the corners of the flap.
  5. Attach the flap.

Step 5: Shape the Bottom

  1. Cut a piece of tape about 5" long.
  2. Place the tape on the bottom of the deck.
  3. Cut the corners
  4. Fold the corners up

Step 6: Finish the Outside

  1. Cut two pieces of tape that are about 11" long
  2. Wrap the pieces of tape around the deck.

Step 7: Add Velcro Closure

  1. Cut a piece of sticky-back velcro that's about 2" long
  2. Attach the hook side to the flap.
  3. Place the loop side on top and close the flap.
  4. Press the flap down to place the loop side of the velcro.

Step 8: Add the Logo

  1. Lay out a 3" piece of silver and red duct tape with a 1/8" space between them.
  2. Using the espresso tamper as a template, cut the outside of the Poké ball.
  3. Next use a quarter as a template for the inside circle.
  4. Then use a dime as a template for the button.
  5. Finally, place the pieces on the card holder to create the Pokémon logo.

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