Pokémon Trainer Card

Introduction: Pokémon Trainer Card

About: About what???

You never know when people will ask you for proof that you're a Pokémon trainer. With this you can be fully prepared to tell the world that you are a master Pokémon trainer (and you don't even have to be!)

Reqirements: paper, printer, cardboard, glue and the internet

Step 1: The Website

go to www.pokecharms.com/trainer-card-maker or search "pokecharm trainer card maker"

Step 2: Customize

This is where you design your trainer card to fit you. You can edit almost anything

Step 3: Save

Click the download button

Step 4: Print

Find your file, and print it in the size you want your trainer card

Step 5: Puting It All Together

cut out the trainer card picture
cut the cardboard to the size of the picture and glue both pieces together

Step 6: Thank You

if you have questions just ask

P.S this is my first instructible

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    I made one recently on a diferent website

    wondering if you used pokemon from your actual game

    I made mine and used the pokemon I caught in soul silver version

    Deidara Konrath
    Deidara Konrath

    9 years ago

    This is a awesome way to make your own Poke'mon Trainer card. I would also recommend this. Here's a idea have you thought about laminating it? Their are machines that could do it? To ya know make it water prof. I don't have one, but it will last longer. Great job on your 1st Instructable!


    9 years ago

    This is great. Now I feel like a Pokémon master!