Introduction: Pokémon Unboxing Video

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Okay, so I'm a Pokémon YouTuber, and I like to make Pokémon TCG unboxing video's. Today, I'll show you how to make one yourself!

My YouTube link:

What you're going to need is:

  1. Camera (xD)
  2. Something to hold your camera (Eg. Tripod, I use a custom built rig)
  3. Editing Software (Optional)
  4. Product to Unbox (Duhhh...)
  5. Lighting (Optional)

So, now that you have everything, let's get started!

Step 1: Get Your Product / Brainstorming

So you want to unbox something, then you'll need that object.
I have a store that sells Pokémon products nearby, but you might want to buy cards or sets online.

Always make sure if you buy loose cards that they are in MINT or NEAR MINT condition.

If you have your product, GREAT!

Now you can go on to the next step.

Step 2: Setup

I have a custom built camera rig to hold my camera in place from above, but you can also choose to film from the front, then it's nice to have a background.

I also have two lights to make the video better. In the photo section, you'll find two pictures to show the difference of with or without lighting.

If you have everything set, you're good to go for the next step!

Step 3: Filming!

So, with your setup ready, you can start with unboxing your Pokémon product!


  1. Try to talk loud and clear
  2. Try to keep the screen clear, so keep the mess out of view
  3. Try to think of what people find interesting to watch to
  4. Say WHAT you bought
  5. Say what is in your product if you buy like a Pokémon box or something
  6. Use an empty SD-Card (xD)

Terms you can use:

  • Full-Art card = Card featuring the Pokémon all over the card.
  • Holo card = Card with holographic foil around the Pokémon, but not on the rest of the card itself.
  • Reverse card = Card with holographic foil on the rest of the card, but not around the Pokémon.
  • Secret Rare = In the botten right corner, you'll find two numbers, like 13/112. If the first number is greater than the second number (Eg. 113/112), you have a secret rare!

You can find 4 pictures to show what the terms mean.

Step 4: Editing (OPTIONAL)

I always edit my videos, to do the following things for example:

  1. Add intro
  2. Adjust colors if necessary
  3. Add background music
  4. Add epic music if I get good pulls (Like Full-Art or Holo)
  5. Adjust audio
  6. Save as HD

Step 5: Uploading to Youtube!

This is the final step of making a Pokémon Unboxing video!


  1. Upload to YouTube
  2. Fill in a name (Containing the name of your product)
  3. Add a description
  4. Add custom thumbnail (OPTIONAL)
  5. SAVE!

Congratulations! You just made an unboxing video!

I hope it helped!

My YouTube: