Introduction: Pokemon Ball!

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What inspired me?

Well, we all know about the amazing app known as Pokemon Go right? I mean who doesn't. Its an epic spin on the well known pokemon series. As a kid, I loved everything and anything pokemon. Sadly, pokemon battles, games and movies became extinct. That is until a few weeks ago when Pokemon Go app was released. My childish side forced its way into my excitable character and I decided to create a few pokemon related projects such as this Pokeball.

What will you need?

- A spherical ball such as a ball pit ball or a toy egg

- White acrylic paint

- Red acrylic paint

- Black Acrylic paint

- A range of paint brushes

- Paint Pallet

Step 1: First Colour

Step one - First colour

Okay, so the base colour is the most important but easily fixable if you the result isn't what you want. Open the white paint and place abit onto your Paint pallet or container. Use the paint brush to apply a thin layer of white paint to the ball. If it doesn't stick dont worry, you can add PVA glue to the mix to get a stickier paint. Also, make sure you add at least three coats of paint to the ball. You can paint the entire ball white as its only the base colour.

Step 2: Second Colour

Step two - Second colour

The second colour is obviously a vibrant, post box like red. Open the paint and add abit on to your pallet. You wont need aa much compared as the white as you are only going to apply the paint in thin layers to the top half. The paint will stick alot better but still add at least three coats to the top half. If its easier you can always add a pencil like around the ball so you know exactly where the middle is.

Step 3: The Last Colour

Step three - The last colour

Once the paint on the ball has set, you can now start adding the details such as the black line and circles on the front facing surface. Use a pencil to sketch in the basic features then using the brush, begin to apply thin layers of paint to the ball making sure you are only painting the details. Feel free to use different colours. You can also use thick pen such as sharpie or permanent markers Instead of paint if you find that easier.

Step 4: The Finished Product

Step four - The finished product

You are done! Congratulations!!! Feel free to comment if you have any questions or if you want to show me your ideas or Pokemon projects! Thank you so much for reading, please favourite and follow for more weekly projects like that.

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