Introduction: Pokemon Fire Red Part 4

Hows it going guy's today we are going to be going through rock tunnel in pokemon fire red. If you want more of these walkthroughs please comment on how I can make my Instructables better. without further ado let's get into it.

Step 1: Rock Tunnel

In the last project, I walked you through how to get to the rock tunnel. In this instructable, I will walk you through how to get through a rock tunnel and to different places. The first thing you have to do when you get into there is getting the pokemon that you taught the move flash to use it. Once you have the pokemon use flash all you have to do is walk through the cave. once out you need to go down the path to the next city and the past dow to the arcade in the city after that and go over to the poster and press A you will have to battle someone from the team rocket and once you have beat them in battle you will go over to the poster and hit A and a passageway will open up go down that.

Step 2: Team Rocket Hide Out

Once in the team rocket hideout make your way through there until you come up to a barrier and fight the two people in front of it once they have been beaten you should be able to head through the doors into a room in there should be a man fight him and you will get the silph scope. After this head to silph co. and fight your way to the top floor and then you should have to fight a level 30 spirit use the silph scope and then it will be revealed as a level 30 marowack. defeat this, and unfortunately, this pokemon is not catchable, and once defeated the spirit will move on and you can head upstairs. battle your way to the old guy and talk to him he will take you to his house and talking to him again will give you a poke flute so you can go back and wake up the Snorlax.

Step 3: By the Sea

Once you have woken the Snorlax you can fight it and hopefully catch it. I love the fact that they actually give you the chance to catch it. After this head left and go to the cottage and get the fishing pole from the fisherman. once you have this go fish and catch some pokemon if you want. Once you are done with that you will need to head the other way to the next city.