Introduction: Pokemon Fire Red Walkthrough Pt 3

Hi guy's welcome to yet another pokemon fire red in this walkthrough I will talk you through Vermilion City. This place is where you can get your electric gym badge once you have gotten cut, but that comes a little later. Now we will get into it.

Step 1: How to Get to the S.S. Anne

Alright, so the last time in bills house you should have gotten a ticket to the S.S. Anne, this ticket will help you enter the boat down at the docks of Virmilion City. Once on the boat head to the left and head up the stairs once up the stairs, you should have a couple of corners and your rival should meet you at a set of stairs. Battle him and once you have beat him you should head upstairs to the captain of the boat and get the HM move CUT, this will help you get the gym in Vermilion City.

Step 2: How to Get Past the Gym in Vermilion City

Once you have the HM move cut, go over to the building that is blocked by the small tree and teach the move cut to one of your pokemon and use cut on the small tree in front of the gym and go in. In the gym there are 2 electric locks that go over to the trashcans and start pressing A on them until one says "there's a switch under the trashcan would you like to flip it" hit yes. once you have clicked that switch the next one should be in the trashcan right beside the first one. go through and fight the gym leader and get your gym badge. After that, there is basically nothing left to do in the vermilion city.

Step 3: Digglet Cave

once you have gotten the gym badge you will need to go to digglet cave and go all the way through. once you go through go to route two and to prof Oaks aid to get HM05 which is flash and once you get flash you will need to teach it to one of your pokemon but to do so you need to have caught 10 different pokemon. and once you have the move flash you will need to head to Cerulean City and then Vermilion City

Note: stock up on potions because there are 15 total trainers in rock tunnel. you may also want to get a few repels and escape ropes.