Introduction: Pokemon Fire Red Walkthrough Pt 2

welcome guys, we are back with another walkthrough for pokemon fire red. this is the second part of this walkthrough series. if you want more please comment on these posts and give me advice on what to do next. without further ado, let's get into it.

Step 1: Viridian Forest

The Viridian Forest is where you can catch Pikachu. But this is very rare, I don't know the exact catch rate but I know from experience it is very rare. In the viridian forest, all you have to do is follow the map provided above. and if You do encounter a Pikachu you should probably catch it. after that head towards the end of the Viridian Forest and leave you will come out to Cerulean City. I will provide a map below.

Step 2: Cerulean City

Once in the cerulean city, you want to go down to the gym and challenge the gym leader, Brock. It may take you a few times to beat him but it is fine it always starts that way. next, you want to go to your rival at the bridge in the grass next to the house with the guard in front of it. Your rival should meet you there and you will have to battle him and his pokemon are normally in this order:




I think that that is all but I'm not sure at the moment. If I am wrong you may correct me.

Step 3: Bill

once you have beat your rival you will have to beat the trainers on the bridge in order to get the nugget and battle someone from Team Rocket. After you have beat team rocket you will pass through the bushes where you will have to battle a whole slew of pokemon trainers. Beating these guys leads you to a house, go in the house and talk to the pokemon standing in the middle of the floor. It should talk to you like a normal person and ask you to run the cell separation program and once you have talked to him he will enter the machine and you will have to go over to the PC run the cell separation system. Bill will emerge afterward and you will need to go over to him. Talk to him and he will give you the ticket to the S.S. Anne. Take that back to the cerulean city and go over to the house that had the guard in front of it and notice the guard is standing to the side. Just walk in and out through the back door and fight the guy on Team Rocket. afterward, go down the path until you come to this shed, enter and head toward the stairs to the underground road and run through and once you are through going down the path and fight the trainers that are there. and you should come to Virmilion City.