Introduction: Pokemon GO Plus Phone Case

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I recently lost my Pokemon GO Plus by keeping it in my pocket next to my keys. Only thing I can figure, which has happened before, was I took my keys out and unknowingly dropped the Poke watch...


I really wanted a way to keep my Poke watch safe and easier to use so I came up with the idea to incorporate it into a phone case. It works really well, is always on me (when I use the case), its easy to use, and it actually fits well in my jeans pocket.

Step 1: Trace the Pokemon Outline


- Pokemon GO Plus

- Small set of screwdrivers (glasses screwdriver)

- Tape

- Permanent Marker

- Hard phone case (to mount the Poke watch)

- Sandpaper

- Rotozip / Coping saw / X-acto Blade

- Needle-nose pliers

Step 1:

- Separate your Poke watch by removing the small screw

- Trace the back of the Poke watch onto your case. Make sure to keep the notch at the top to properly hold the device. (Note: I traced the main/front and it was difficult; the back will be easier to trace)

Step 2: Cut It Out

Step 2:

- Drill holes inside the traced area to give you a good place to start cutting

- Use a coping saw (safest and cleanest), I used a roto zip tool (not safe, messy, lazy, not clean) BE CAREFUL

- Use a blade to fine tune the cut edges BE CAREFUL

- Sand the edges well

Note: Pay close attention to where the small screw will go to hold the device to the case and also make the top notch longer than you think to fine tune it later.

Step 3: Fit Up and Add the Screw

Step 3:

- Fit up the Pokemon GO plus and make a final mark for the small screw

- Use a drill to put in a hole for your screw

- Then, use a bit as large as the head of the screw BY HAND to slowly and carefully create an indent to inset the head (I had to do so because the case was too thick and I didn't want the screw head rubbing/denting my phone)

- Remove the screw from the back, I entitled the help of my needle-nose pliers to remove the c-shape locking washer

- Install the screw and lock washer onto the case

Step 4: Assemble and Get Walking

Step 4:

- Remove the protective film from both sides

- Wipe down and install the Pokemon GO plus to the phone case

- Now, link your device to your Pokemon GO and catch 'em all!