Introduction: Police Car

My name is Kevin Chen from 9C in Kang Chiao. This is my Arduino personal project for making an Arduino. I decided to make a police car using LED light bulb and speaker. This car will have the light that shines on top of the police car and the sound police car sends out when they are at work.

This is my link from where I have my idea.

Hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

For making this car, you will need:

white glue




red LED light bulb

blue LED light bulb

Arduino Leonardo board

USB cable


jumper wires



Step 2: Make the Car

1. Use white glue to stick the sticks up into a car shape.

2. Cut the cardboard into 4 same circles as wheels.

3. Stick the wheels to the car.

4. Decorate the car.

Step 3: Construct the LED Board

1. Use jump wire to connect 5V and +.

2. Use jump wire to connect GND and -.

3. Use 2 resistors to connect - and two places on the board.

4. Use 2 jump wires to connect 13 and 12 onto the board, both plug beside the resistors.

5. Use 4 other resistors to connect the resistors and the jump wires to the next part of the board.

6. Plug the speaker with 2 jump wires.

7. Plug the speaker's wire into GND and 11.

Step 4: Finishing the Car

1. Use white glue to stick jump wires which has only one side that has needle on the car.

2. Plug the LED light on.

3. Plug the wires below where those 4 resistors are.

Step 5: Writing the Code

The link of code on Arduino:

Step 6: Congratulation! You Finished the Car!

Thanks for looking at this project!