Polymer Clay Robot Head Stoneware Style




Introduction: Polymer Clay Robot Head Stoneware Style

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How to make a tiny robot head in light stoneware style with my favorite art media polymer clay. I think robots are awesome.
  • Condition clay and shape into robotic head, round or square, as you like - via your hands
  • Poke holes in clay for eyes - via wood tool
  • Place beads into holes - via your hands
  • Poke hole in clay to create mouth - pen top
  • Apply SMALL AMOUNT of BLUE powdered mica - via dry brush and rub in with fingers
  • Apply EVEN SMALLER AMOUNT of RED powdered mica - via dry brush and rub in with fingers
  • Bake clay as package instructs, usually 275 degrees for 15 minutes per size - this little guy only needs a few minutes
  • Let COOL
  • Apply VARNISH to seal mica to clay
  • Optional: super glue magnet to back

Must Have Supplies:
  • Sculpey polymer clay
  • powdered mica - color and texture
    • red (exact color used: super russet via Ranger)
    • blue (exact color  used: blue patinavia Pearl Ex)
  • dry paint brush - too apply mica and create texture
  • pen top - mouth
  • beads - eyes
  • varnish - to seal mica to clay
Optional Supplies:
  • wire - for various robot antennas
  • magnet - to turn robot into awesome refrigerator magnet
  • gloves - to keep finger prints away

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I love your creations! And the photos are fantastic as usual! Great job!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you, tricky stop during every step and take another photo. Really appreciate Instructables contributors now.