Introduction: Polymer Clay Serpent Bangle

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These are the steps I took to create this polymer clay serpent bangle.


Made with Cosclay, aluminum armature wire, steel ball bearings and a Red Bull can.

Step 1:

I am using Cosclay and sculpting onto a 500ml Red Bull can.

Step 2:

Rolling out a long piece for the body.

Step 3:

Wrapping it around the can. Shaping it and pressing it down as I go.

Step 4:

Cutting a groove a long the center of the entire body.

Step 5:

A teardrop shape for the head.

Step 6:

Blending it onto the body.

Step 7:

Pushing some aluminum armature wire into the groove.

Step 8:

Closing up the gap over the wire and smoothing it out with my fingers.

Step 9:

The mutations on this serpent are based off of the online game Ovipets

and it was a lot of fun getting everyone's mutation suggestions.

Step 10:

For the eyes I am using steel ball bearings.

Step 11:

Using a ball tool to create the eye sockets.

Step 12:

Cutting in the mouth with a scalpel.

Step 13:

Shaping it along the sides.

Step 14:

Roll out and lightly flatten a piece for the tongue. Cut a slit, for the fork and place it into the mouth.

Step 15:

To add some texture to the body I am using the handle of my scalpel and rolling that over the snakes body.

Step 16:

For the diamonds on the body, I have rolled out a thin sheet of clay and cut diagonals with a flat blade.

Step 17:

Then again in the other direction.

Step 18:

I started placing them onto the head, using a combination of small and large diamonds.

Step 19:

For the tail I am rolling out short tapered pieces.

Step 20:

Giving them a slight curl to one end.

Step 21:

keep adding them until it looks right.

Step 22:

Moving onto the horns. To keep them consistent in size I press out 2 circles and cut them in half.

Step 23:

Roll each half out, with a point on one end.

Step 24:

Bring them together and twist them in to a spiral.

Step 25:

Figuring out the placement and using a ball tool to indent.

Step 26:

Place in the horns with a bit of bake n bond.

Step 27:

For the wings I am rolling out 3 large teardrop shapes and using a needle tool to create a line.

Step 28:

Then doing the same with 3 smaller teardrops.

Step 29:

Cutting a slot into the body, for the wings to sit.

Step 30:

I added 4 small flattened balls to hide the sharp join of the wings and body.

Step 31:

I then pressed them down with a ball tool.

Step 32:

Now for the long whiskers. I roll out my length, taper one end. And steeply cut the other end.

Step 33:

This end will be laying against the side of the face.

Step 34:

Find a nice, natural flowing position for the wishers to lay.

Step 35:

One last step before baking. And that is to empty out the can of Red Bull.

Step 36:

Now that it has been baked, I am carefully removing the sculpt from the can.

Step 37:

Note:I should have used a thicker gauge wire.
As it doesn't stay tightly clamped around my arm.

Step 38:

I am using a couple of coats of PVA glue as a base.

Step 39:

Then I am going in with a black acrylic paint.

Step 40:

Once the coat of black had dried, I mixed in some drying retardant and black Shimmer pigments.

Step 41:

The Shimmer wasn't staying on as well as I would have liked so . . .

Step 42:

I sealed it in with some more PVA glue.

Step 43:

The colours I choose are black, purple and bronze. 'acrylic paint'

Step 44:

Painted the purple details first.

Step 45:

I am used a small detail brush to do all of the bronze areas.

Step 46:

I also painted around all the diamonds with bronze and the little details on the wings.

Step 47:

The wishers were very time consuming and took a few coats until they finished.

Step 48:

I mixed some pinks in with the purple and I used this to add some depth to the piece.

Step 49:

I then added some black to darken the purple and used this to create the shadows.

Note:a toothpick works great for this.

I painted it around the creases of the horns, around the eyes and the deeper parts of the tail.

Step 50:

I used polyurethane gloss on the eyes and it is finished.

Step 51:

If you are into sculpting tutorials, then you might want to check out some of my other videos.

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