Polymorph in a Summer Camp.

Introduction: Polymorph in a Summer Camp.

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Polymorph \ Polymorphus is self-hardening plastic.

Polymorph is a plastic for modeling, sculpting, and small repairs. It becomes pliable when heated to 140 degrees F and solidifies at room temperature.

Polymorph is an ecologically clean material, it does not lose the properties during solidification and re-melted, it is convenient to handle, easy to cut and drilled, it is easily painted granulated pigments.

Polymorph is ideal for modeling, simulation, home repair, auto repair, repair marching!

Step 1: ​Take the Necessary Amount of the Polymorph.

Step 2: You Can Take a Plate of Solid Polymorph at a Summer Camp.

Step 3: The Softened Polymorph Can Be Used to Repair Different Things.

I wish you all a good summer!

Bright sun!

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