Introduction: Pongal Recipe – Foxtail Millet & Mung Bean Pongal -

Pongal Recipe – Foxtail Millet & Mung Bean Pongal.

‘Pongal‘ is a Tamizh verb that denotes the act of ‘boiling over’. The ancient Tamizh people marked a successful harvest by boiling the produce of the land in one pot and allowed it to boil over. The chief produce of the land being rice and lentils. There is absolutely no rule set in stone which says that pongal should only be made with rice or a particular variety of lentil. We coined our pongal recipe with foxtail millet and moong dal. Foxtail millet is called Tinai in Tamizh and Kangni in Hindi. You may choose to use the grain and lentil of your choice. We will show you a pongal recipe using brown rice in January 2016.

Our pongal recipe will yield 4 servings, with 244 kilocalories in each.

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Foxtail millet contains a strong antioxidant called phenolic which detoxifies the body.

Foxtail millet is known to lower blood sugar level and reduces the chances of coronary blockage that results in cardiac arrest.

Moong dal is a rich source of dietary fiber which reduces cholesterol levels thereby reducing the risk of developing heart diseases.

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