Introduction: Poor Mans Chicken Sauce Picante?

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Well, here lately I have been broke as hell and out of a job. My fault really, I should have lined up a new job before walking out on the old one, but darn it feels so good to walk out of a job that you hate. I totally recommend it! ermm wait... Anyways thats beside the point. I was bored, broke, and hungry, so I went to the kitchen and started browsing my options only to find that the best options required ingredients that I didn't have. Yay, I'm broke, time to get creative. Cooking tip for a non-chef, throw stuff together and hope they turn out edible. If your efforts fail, then you'll just have to be hungry...

Step 1: Get Your Ingrendients Ready.

I'll go ahead and list what I used.

1 can Campbells Cream of Mushroom soup
1 can RoTell diced tomatoes and green chiles
1 can Hormel canned chicken

Olive oil (just about 2 table spoons)

Spices. (refer to the picture)
I just threw a bit of this and a bit of that in there. I never really measure when throwing something together on the fly, especially if I'm only cooking for myself. The ones pictured are just what I used. Just about every time I cook I use Tony's, Cayenne, Black Pepper, and Basil. They are my default spices. Use whichever spices you want, it is your food. However, this is a make shift chicken sauce picante recipe and is meant to have a bit of spice.

Step 2: Start Some Rice.

Rice is pretty basic. So I think I'll leave that to you to figure out. I made 1 cup of rice in my rice cooker. It's simple, measure a cup of rice, fill the rice pot to the line that says 1, add a pinch of salt, close the lid and press the switch. I used brown rice, because it's what I had.

Step 3: Start the Sauce.

I just got out a medium size pot to cook in, since I am only cooking for myself. Start off by pouring about 2 tablespoons of olive oil in the pot. Then open the can of chicken and drain the juice and add the chicken to the pot and turn up the stove. Let the chicken brown a bit, then open the can of diced tomatoes, drain, and add to the pot. I let those cook down a bit. Now is a good time to add spices. Like I said before, a bit of this, a bit of that. After adding the spices, whichever you prefer, let it cook down a couple minutes. I would have more pictures here, but the thought to document this didn't cross my mind until after I started... The thought to actually post this came once I had finished eating. I wouldn't want to post a failed culinary experiment...

Step 4: Finish the Sauce.

After you cooked down the chicken and tomatoes stir in the can of Cream of Mushroom soup. Also stir in 1 can of water. Just use the can from the soup. Turn up the fire, to bring the mixture to a boil. Be sure to stir. After boiling for a couple of minutes reduce heat to keep warm. Get a spoon full and once it's cool enough to taste, give it a taste. Try not to burn your tongue. Add whichever seasonings you think it needs and stir them in if needed.

Step 5: Enjoy.

Your rice should be done around the time you finish the sauce. Once it's all ready, get a bowl and fix a serving. Sit down and enjoy your meal.