Introduction: Poor Man's Iced Coffee

So this is good for summer, and people who don't have the money for iced coffee. So if all you have is powdered creamer and powdered sweetener, and you want ice cold coffee, this is for you. To start with make your coffee in a glass jar. I've found a cleaned out spaghetti with a well fitting lid works well. Add your sweetener and your creamer.


You'Coffee making supplies and a glass jar

Step 1: Cooling

Since you should be using HOT coffee you'll need to cool it gently. I've found using a wet paper towel works well. Wrap the jar in the towel and set aside for about 1 hour. By then the towel should be completely dry (to be used for next time) and the button on the lid that pops up when you open the jar should be sucked down.

Step 2: Cold

Put the coffee in the freezer for about 1 hour.

Step 3: POP the TOP

That's it. Add ice and drink something that will cool you off and pick you up.

So why do this?

To start with your powdered creamer will not mix into cold coffee. I know, I've tried. Next you will need a jar with a lid since otherwise the volatile compounds in the coffee will come off and it will loose some of the flavor. Also if you don't have a car to go someplace that can quickly cool coffee you can do it yourself, but it will take a little while (delayed gratification). Still I do this all the time in the summer and wanted to share.

Step 4: Bonus Tip!!!

What do you do with all those candy canes from Christmas? Put them in your tea (or coffee I don't judge) as a sweetener.

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