Introduction: Pop-Out Bookmark

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The pop out bookmark could be used for school, probably more for younger ages.

It is used for putting information about a book in it, and for obviously marking where you are in your book, as a bookmark.






Step 1: Fan-fold

First you'll want to take your piece of paper out, then fold it as if you were folding it into a fan;

Fold a little bit up, about an inch, flip the paper over, then fold the same length of the other fold, then repeat until it fills up the rest of the paper.

Step 2: Staple

Staple the two halves to each other.

Step 3: Cut and Tie

Fold the paper back up and cut a tiny slit near the top. Then tie a piece of yarn through it and tie it into a bow. After that you can decorate it and color it however you'd like, and your done!