Introduction: Pop-Up 3D Words and Messages!

Use this simple technique to turn any simple font into a full 3D pop-out message. Thanks to the awesome people at Comicraft for creating a special font to make this process even easier:

Step 1: Print Out the Words You Would Like to Throw Into 3D Perspective on a Sheet of Paper. a Heavier Card-stock Works Even Better If Your Printer Can Handle It.

Step 2: If You Are Not Using the Comicraft Font Then You Will Need to Add the Vertical Lines on the Tops of the Words.

Printout a message in a font that you like.
Draw vertical lines from your font up to a line that you draw, parallel to the bottom of the letters.

Step 3: Cut Out the Sides of the Letters. Do Not Cut the Tops and Bottoms

carefully cut all the way through the paper on the solid outlines on the sides of the letters.
also make sure to cut out the central holes in the letters such as o,p,q,r,d

Step 4: Score (as Opposed to Cut) the Center Line Through the Words and All the Way to the Edge of the Page.

Step 5: Score the Dotted Lines at the Top, Bottom, and Middle of the Letters.

The green lines in this image should also be scored. They are the dotted lines in the comicraft pop-up font. This will help your letters fold easily. As with the blue central line score the paper lightly. Be careful not to cut all the way through.

Step 6: Fold Out Your 3D Message!

As you fold the paper around the central score you will also need to push the letters out from behind. The blunt side of your knife is useful for this process. It takes a little practice and patience, but after a while this bit becomes easy!

Step 7: For Extra Credit You Can Make It Even More 3D by First Stretching the Letters in a Graphics Program.

by keeping the central fold line parallel and distorting the rest of the letters on either side you can make even more pronouced 3D effects. Experiment with this part and you can make some very cool pop-outs. You will need some image editing software like photoshop or illustrator to do this, or you could even try drawing such a font by hand !

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