Introduction: Popsicle Phone Stand

This is a simple popsicle stand for your phone. It is easy to make and takes about 30 minutes to make.

Make sure to get the glue up to heat... also it is important to keep safe and make sure you don’t cut yourself and make sure to protect your work area.

Now lets talk about glue. I recommend hot glue but if you don't have access to hot glue any super/ca glue of a bit higher thickness would work fine. 5 minute epoxy is also an option.



Hot glue / glue of your choice

Step 1: The Base of the Stand

first take two popsicles and align them so that they are parallel.

Squirt some glue on the ends. This will act as anti slide feet.

Take another popsicle and cut the ends of.

Use a ruler to align the ends of the popsicles that the bead of glue has been applied onto. Then take the shortened one and glue it on about 2cm from the ruler as shown in the picture.

Step 2: The Top Part of the Stand

now take 2 more popsicles and align them with the two in the base as shown in picture 1.

Glue another popsicle while still maintaining the same distance (about 10cm) as shown in picture 2

Take another popsicle and glue it right under the first one as shown in picture 2

Now take 4-5 popsicles and stack tham and glue them forming a mini “Plank” of popsicles as shown in pictures 4-5

Take the “popsicle plank” and glue it to the rest of the contraption as shown in image 6

Step 3: Finishing Assembly.

on the base apply 2 beads of hot glue under the crossbar and make sure that there is space between the crossbar and the beads of glue.

Now take an object such as a box and line it up with the base. The top should fit nicely in the base between the beads.

Glue the base to the top. Now this would be the right time to choose a proper angle. It shouldn't be too steep but also shouldn't be to low. I used an angle of about 70 degrees.

Finally you should add some reinforcement in the back with some more glue. This is necessary otherwise the whole thing will fall apart.


thanks for reading and following along. Hope you like the simplicity and the usability of this phone stand.

This is my first instructable and it might not be perfect but never the less hope you like it. Also support it on the after school competition.

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