Introduction: Popsicle Roller Coaster With Lights: Summerventure Roller Coaster

This model is made with materials that can be found around the house. One part of the project is the wooden roller coaster model; this model explores the concept of energy and work. It helps enhance the learning of how energy transformation operates in a system and the relationship between the physics of work and energy. The other part of this project enhances the understanding of the physics behind circuits.

Materials: Craft Glue, Craft Sticks (2 sizes: regular & jumbo), LED/ string lights, Toy car (ex. Hot Wheels), Silicon, Tape, Skewers, Driller, Clipper, Long Platform

Step 1: Connect the Regular Sized Craft Sticks Using the Wood Glue to Make About 30 Squares.

Step 2: Plan the Design of the Roller Coaster by Laying Out the Squares Made in Step 1.

(i.e. How high? How long? How many hills? How many squares?)

Step 3: Count the Amount of Squares Needed to Make One Side of the Roller Coaster and Multiply That Number by Two.

This will be the amount of squares needed to make the roller coaster. Make additional squares if needed.

Step 4: Cut Both Ends of the Jumbo Craft Sticks to Make It About 9cm Long With a Clipper.

Step 5: Layout Your Design by Placing the Squares Next to Each Other. Then, Glue the Cropped Jumbo Crafts Sticks to the Squares to Connect Them.

Do one side of the roller coaster at a time. Make sure that both sides of the roller coaster are the same.

Step 6: Align the Two Sides of the Roller Coaster on Each Other and Use Tape to Hold Them Aligned When It's Being Drilled.

Step 7: Using a Driller, Drill Holes Between Each Square.

Step 8: Remove the Tape From the Squares.

Step 9: Put a Skewer Through Each of the Drilled Holes.

Refer to photo in Step 10.

Step 10: Measure the Width of the Roller Coaster to Be About 4-5cm Wide. Then, Apply Glue to Stick the Skewer to the Frame.

Step 11: After the Glue Dries, Cut Off the Excess Length of the Skewer With the Clipper.

Step 12: Using a Poster Board, Cut a Long Strip That Is About 4cm Wide.

This strip of paper should fit in between the roller coaster.

Step 13: Attach the Long Strip of Paper to the Roller Coaster With Glue or Tape.

Step 14: Place the Roller Coaster Onto the Platform. Use Silicon or Glue to Attach Bottom of the Roller Coaster to the Platform.

Step 15: Drill a Hole at the End of Several Jumbo Craft Sticks.

Step 16: Attach the Jumbo Craft Sticks to the Skewers on the Frame and Under the Frame, Which Will Support the Railing of the Roller Coaster.

Step 17: Attached the Jumbo Craft Sticks (that Were Not Drilled) Along the Whole Frame of the Roller Coaster With Glue.

This will be the side railing of the rollercoaster. It will keep the toy car from falling off.

Step 18: Apply Glue Along the Side of the Poster Strip to Secure It to the Frame.

Step 19: Using Colorful Popsicle Sticks to Add Color to the Project.

You can make a little garage that the car will come to end at.

Step 20: Use LED/ String Lights As a Decoration to the Project.

(Optional) The lights also gives color to the roller coaster.