Introduction: Porcelain Tube Knife Sharpener

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I decided to make something for the Trash to Treasure Challenge and Pocket-Sized contest. I've often used a porcelain tube for sharpening my pocket knife.

I found these old porcelain tubes for sale, (they're the kind that was used for knob and tube wiring)so I bought them.

The handle is an old disposable razor handle, with a 7/32" hole drilled in it, the porcelain tube is attached to the handle using a 1 meter length of para cord and two pieces of scrap leather.

Step 1: Parts Used

The parts used are:

A porcelain tube,

Used Bic razor handle,

1 Meter of para cord,

A piece of scrap leather

Tools required:

Cordless drill with 7/32" drill bit, leather hole punch that can punch 7/32" holes, heavy duty scissors that can cut the leather to be used, lighter to melt the ends of the para cord.

Step 2: Parts Measurements

Here are pictures of the parts used and measurements, just for reference.

Step 3: Preparation

I cut two 1 inch diameter leather buttons and punched two holes in each (so they look like buttons).

Thread the para cord through one of the "buttons", then pass the para cord through the porcelain tube as shown.

Drill a 7/32" hole through, about a 1/2 inch below where the blade used to attach to the disposable razor handle.

Thread the para cord through the holes of the other leather button(this button keeps the para cord from pulling out of the porcelain tube accidentally), then pass the cord through the hole that was drilled through the razor handle.

Step 4: Pulling It All Together

Line up the porcelain tube end so the fat end of it rests just above the hole in the handle and the tube lays on the part where the blade used to attach.Snug the cord up and wrap it once around the base of the porcelain tube, then wrap the rest of the cord around the top of the handle as shown in the picture.

Step 5: Using the Sharpener

Holding the cord that is wrapped around the handle, you then stroke the knife blade held at about a 20 to 40 degree angle along the porcelain tube, 5 or 6 times for each side of the knife blade. Test the sharpness of the blade on a single sheet of paper.

Step 6: Carrying and Other Uses.

Loosen the cord off and the handle and porcelain tube will fold together so it will fit in your pocket.

Since none of the parts are permanently attached together the parts can be used individually: the para cord , if you need to secure something or tie it up, the tube as a drinking straw (make sure you clean it well first), the leather buttons can be used along with the para cord as a toggle or as a large button and the razor handle could be used as emergency back scratch-er .

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