Introduction: Poro Cakes!

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Today Lady Pops will be showing you how to create the adorably cute Poro cakes! Inspired by League of Legends creatures!

Remember if you are of a young age to ask for help from your parents!

These treats can also be a no bake project where you buy pre made cakes/muffins and decorate them just like in the video!

You can also use white chocolate instead of coconut if you are allergic!

Step 1: Step by Step Tutorial in Video!

Ingredients and what you will need:

  1. Cake Mix (you can make your own or buy store cupcake mix)
  2. Marshmallow Spread
  3. Mixed Nuts
  4. Dessicated Coconut or white chocolate (grate it!)
  5. Raisins or Chocolate chips
  6. Fruitellas!

    Good Luck!

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