Introduction: Portable 2.1 Speakers

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This is my first project on instructables.

I would like to show how to convert AC 2.1 speakers to 100% portable.

This is a simple project for all people included electronic lovers and DIY lovers.

Step 1: Getting the Parts and Tools

Parts that you need:

Mp3 or Mp4 music player

Battery - I use one lipo battery 3S 3700mAh

Solder Iron


RCA connectors - For right and left channel

3.5 stereo jack

Battery connector

Some wires




Cutting plier

Screw driver


Step 2: Open the Subwoofer Main Box

Remove foam and speaker.

You can see now the main board.

Step 3: Remove Non Necessary Parts

1 - Disconnect the Ac wire from transformer to mainboard.

2 - Remove wires from switch.

3 - Remove the Ac plug.

3 - Remove transformer.

Step 4: Soldering DC Power Wires

Attention to polarity of capacitor!

Note: Negative terminal on capacitor has a (-) vertical markings.

1 - Solder positive wire to positive pad in capacitor.

2 - Solder negative wire to negative pad in capacitor.

Step 5: Connect Wires and Battery Connector

1 - Solder the positive wire from mainboard to switch

2 - Solder the another red wire from switch to battery connector.

3 - Solder the negative wire from mainboard to battery connector.

Step 6: Battery

1 - Put the battery inside the box.

2 - Leave the balance plug outside the box to charge in the future your battery.

Step 7: 3.5 Jack and Rca Connectors

1 - Solder the ground, right and left wires in the 3.5mm jack.

2 - Solder the right wire in the right rca connector.

3 - Solder the left wire in the left rca connector.

4 - Solder the ground wire between both Rca connectors.

Step 8: Mp4 Music Player

1 - Put some velcro in the box and in your music player.

2 - Connect the 3.5 jack

Step 9: Test

Thanks for watching!

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