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Now in this growing world you can find lights everywhere even in the darkest dungeons. But there are places in our homes where the lighting is not sufficient or not at all present.

For such places we just need an extendable lighting where there is no circuitry present at that part of the house.

So here is this portable bulb holder from me where you can just extend your lighting as long as you want.

In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to make your own portable bulb holder in easy and simple way.

So let's get it started.

Step 1: Materials Needed

  1. Chris-Cross Wire
  2. Bulb Holder
  3. Two pin Plug
  4. Bulb
  5. Tester or Screw Driver

Step 2: Attach the Plug

To the one end of the Chris-Cross wire we need to attach the plug.

For that first you need to strip the one end of the wire to get the copper wire out.

Open the plug by removing the screw in the middle.

Take the terminals of the plug and attach them to the two wires of the Chris-Cross wire irrespective of the end.

Again then attach the terminals to the plug and screw it up.

So for now one end of the wire is done.

Step 3: Attach the Bulb Holder

Generally a bulb holder will have two parts.

Separate the two just by rotating them like you remove a bottle cap.

You can see two terminals at the back of the bulb holder attach the other end of the Chris-Cross wire to these two terminals.

Before doing that you need to pass the wire through the other part of the bulb holder and make a knot to the wire for the wire itself so that even if you pull the wire the it won't damage the inner terminals.

Now you can attach the wire to the terminals and close the bulb holder in the same way you opened it.

Step 4: Add the Bub

Now that the two ends of the Chris-Cross wire are filled with plug in one end and bulb holder in the other end .

To the end that has the bulb holder add the bulb to it.

You can use any kind of bulb of your choice, make sure that it fits in the bulb holder.

You just need to fit the bulb and rotate it and you can sense that the bulb is fixed to the holder.

Step 5: Plug and Use

The Portable Bulb Holder that you just made can be taken anywhere and used and you can even use it long enough as you want depending upon the length of the wire that you choose.

Take this to the places where you can not get enough lighting and use it.

Use it in a proper way and use your creativity to make this more creative.

Enjoy the Lighting, Thank You:)

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