Introduction: Portable Flower Power

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Want a quick way to spice up your vehicle on long hauls?

How about a natural alternative to a harsh chemical scent?

Missing home and need a reminder?

Clip this little accessory to your car vent to solve all of the above

Step 1: Supplies

Along with the wooden clothespin and a glass tube, here is what else I used:

  • Safety glasses
  • Torch and flint striker
  • Fine-tooth file
  • Rotary tool with disc, sander and grinder bit

Step 2: Glass Working

The glass tube was much longer than needed, but this is what the file is for

File a small dent into the tube and break it against a sharp corner

The clothespin serves to hold the tube in the flame, prevent it from burning you

Use the torch to anneal the side and remove the sharp edges

Flip it around and heat the other side till it closes up

This makes it into a narrow test tube or a flower vase

Step 3: Wood Working

Modify the clothespin by increasing the jaw size and a hole for the glass tube

Barrel sander to smooth everything up

Small grinder bit to plunge into the wooden pin for the glass tube

Work slowly with the grinder to widen the hole till the tube barely fits in it

Adding a dab of hot glue helps if the hole is too loose

Step 4: Conclude

Add a little bit of water, sugar, and your favorite flower to this vent clip and you're done!

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